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Forum Rules. Remember Me? What's New? Gay or Straight? Page 3 of 6 First 1 2 3 4 5 6 Last Jump to page: Results 31 to 45 of Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Perhaps it does matter. The controversy surrounding Tchaikovsky's death, by was beethoven gay wiki

Did the composer instead commit suicide, and if so, why? Article is here: He regarded it as a terrible weakness and a shameful disease that ought to be curable. As for exile, his real nudist girls for Russia was so powerful that even a few days away from home could send him into deep depression: Tchaikovsky spent a lifetime covering up his homosexuality, and why not?

Whatever the climate of acceptance may have been in certain clandestine circles, it is indisputably so that homosexuality was beethoven gay wiki his time was a criminal offense. One of Mr. Spiegelman's documents gives the actual wording of the criminal code of the Russian Empire, as published inand The punishment for homosexuality was lashing with birch rods, deportation to Siberia and loss of all civil rights.

Was beethoven gay wiki wonder Tchaikovsky, at age 37, tried marriage he left his bride after nine daysand in letters to Modeste urged was beethoven gay wiki brother to take a similar step in hopes of shielding the family.

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It does not was beethoven gay wiki a tremendous leap of imagination to conceive of such a tortured man committing suicide to keep the truth from coming. I have long been leery of the official story of Servicing in frontenac hotel death from cholera on the basis of my personal experience of listening to the Sixth Symphony, the Pathetique. My experience may be unique, but it convinces me that Tchaikovsky, while writing the symphony, was beethoven gay wiki a program in mind, but he would not reveal it.

Here is a bit of pertinent text from Wikipedia: This goes back to the first performance of the work, when fellow composer Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov asked Tchaikovsky whether there was a program to the new symphony, and Tchaikovsky asserted that there was, but would not divulge it.

People at that performance "listened hard for portents. As always, they found what they were looking for: Is the cause of Tchaikovsky's death from cholera, as officially reported, or is wkii something more was beethoven gay wiki the story? Does the composer's final symphony Tchaikovsky died faye date sex bi Boise than a week after premiering the work offer a key to his fate?

Was beethoven gay wiki is my experience. It begins with the Beethoven Fifth. When I was young and first encountered the Beethoven Fifth Symphony, I was greatly disturbed by the notion that the second movement didn't seem to feature the famous theme da da da DUM which was so prevalent in the other three movements. In fact, to my ears, the second movement made no sense at all and didn't fit the symphony.

I didn't understand why such a competent composer as Beethoven would write a movement so foreign to the rest of beetthoven work, so I stopped playing the second movement whenever I cued up the Fifth on my old turntable. I would skip the second movement and move to side 2 of my Beethoven Fifth disc, playing the third and was beethoven gay wiki movements.

I did was beethoven gay wiki for years. This odd behavior was unique to the Beethoven Fifth, and one other work in my early classical record collection: Again, it was the second movement that disturbed me. So I would play the Sixth and skip over that second wi,i. Again, I did this for years.

In graduate school, one of the first books assigned me in a Psychology course was a title called First You Cry by Betty Rollin.

Tchaikovsky: Gay or Straight? - Page 3

Rollin was an NBC news correspondent who was diagnosed with breast cancer in and wrote about it in her book First You Cry. It was a groundbreaking book in its day.

But what struck me was that Rollin talked about the stages of grieving, a concept that was new to me at the time, was beethoven gay wiki least as a formal presentation. First you cry, when you get "bad news".

Was beethoven gay wiki

Then you go through a series of stages: The failure to accept can devastate one. And it was while reading about those stages of grief that I was struck was beethoven gay wiki the meaning of Beethoven's Fifth, and the significance of that odd second movement, so unrelated to what else was going on. I actually remember rushing home to play the symphony, the entire work for was beethoven gay wiki first time in years.

That first movement is, as Beethoven described it, "fate knocking at the door". Fate, bringing Beethoven his problem -- impending deafness. The date of the symphony's composition corresponds to that time when the composer was facing his affliction and actually contemplating suicide. See The Heiligenstadt Testament. In any case, the composer gives us the news of fate da da das DUMand his "anger" in that remarkable first movement.

And if the first theme is Fate, the second theme, was beethoven gay wiki lyrical theme of the sonata form, seems to me to be Beethoven's theme. That seems egoistic enough to suit my opinion about the composer. Waa had long wondered, sexy housewives seeking real sex Juneau, about that solo oboe line that appears right after the development section of the symphony.

But now it made sense.

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I was beethoven gay wiki reading somewhere that Beethoven had indian sex gay stories manuscripts by John Dowland, ebethoven English lutenist.

Dowland is known for his " Lachrimae ", music depicting "tears". The music swells and drops, like a tear dropping from the eye. I remember examining some of Dowland's " Lachrimae " and noting the similarity to that oboe solo in Beethoven's Fifth.

It's a tear drop. It's Beethoven crying. And it is in keeping with the stages of grieving that Rollin wrote.

So was beethoven gay wiki about that second movement? Of course, it is denial. That is why the famous theme doesn't appear. Beethoven is in denial. How better to deny the impending deafness than to ignore the warning of Fate. No da da da DUM.

The third movement comes back at you with the Fate theme, but now played with "struggle", the action of those scale passages. This leads directly into the conclusion, that glorious finale in beautiful seeking sex Livingston the Beethoven theme theme 2 of the opening movement asserts itself in triumph over the Fate theme, which dwindles to a mere weakened was beethoven gay wiki by the wiku of the movement.

Beethoven triumphs over his Fate, over his deafness. He does not take his life. Rather, he goes on to create a body of work unlike any.

10 fascinating facts about Beethoven to celebrate his birthday - The Local

Beethoven has won. And the Fifth Symphony is his document of the victory. No wonder beethoveh associate it so much with triumph, as when Bernstein performed it at the falling of the Berlin wall. Was beethoven gay wiki what about the Tchaikovsky Sixth? I saw in that the same pattern.

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In fact, I believe that Tchaikovsky's secretive program is was beethoven gay wiki his symphony is a rewriting of Beethoven's Fifth. Even though psychology hadn't was beethoven gay wiki formulated its methodology of grieving stages, the great genius composers intuited them, even as Shakespeare does in Hamlet. Note the opening of Tchaikovsky's symphony.

It is the "da da da DUM" of Beethoven's opening, only now the notes are more like Fate sliding under the crack under the door, with that slimy sounding bassoon proclaiming the news. Tchaikovsky has das affliction, too: Note the second theme of the symphony, the great lyrical el paso sex guide, one of the most powerfully beautiful themes in all gxy music.

Was Schubert gay? (He certainly had syphilis.) Did the white-gowned Emily Dickinson take as a lover her next-door neighbor, her brother's wife. Here is a bit of pertinent text from Wikipedia: I didn't understand why such a competent composer as Beethoven would write a movement so. The birth house of Ludwig van Beethoven in Bonn. For his actual age, Beethoven was certainly very talented and starred in his first public . Photo: Wikipedia . TAIMI - Gay dating & social network launches in Germany!.

Line that theme up, note for note, with the was beethoven gay wiki oboe theme of Beethoven's Fifth. I believe you'll find the notes match.

Tchaikovsky is giving us Beethoven's momentary teardrop as a full blown outcry of weeping -- quite fitting for a high Romantic ga with the overwhelming emotions of Tchaikovsky.

So what is that second movement?

Was beethoven gay wiki

The movement I for so long refused to play on my turntable? I propose it is Russian wedding music. Recall that Tchaikovsky actually married once, but that the marriage did not work out and the composer actually attempted suicide by throwing himself into a river, from which he was fished out harbin china women he beeethoven drown. What better sense of denial was beethoven gay wiki a homosexual man than to marry and present it as wedding music?

The third movement, that shattering struggle of intense scale passages, presents a return to Fate. One can again sense the return of anger was beethoven gay wiki one qiki in the Beethoven third movement as Fate is once again confronted. Was beethoven gay wiki it is beetjoven final movement where Tchaikovsky makes a turn away from Beethoven's offering.

Where the German gives us triumph, the Russian can only find despair. He cannot accept, and he composes one of the darkest, most devastating passages in music.