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Old men with women

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I nthe matchmaking website OKCupid released the eye-roll-inducing results of old men with women massive data analysis: As men get older, they increasingly claim they want to date younger women. At the time, nobody was really surprised: The data pretty much confirmed what we all knew from The First Wives Club. But the results of a new study suggest those results need to be revisited.

New research published in the journal Evolutionary Psychology adds a bit of nuance to the old stereotype that men prefer younger women.

As it turns out, plenty of older men find it hot to be with women witb own age. In his study, Antfolk surveyed 2, Finnish adults who identified as old men with women, homosexual, or bisexual.

Within this sample, were male, 1, were female, and their ages ranged from domen to The participants were asked about the ages of their preferred sex partners womdn the ages of their actual sex partners. For heterosexual men, their oldest ideal sex partners were also around the same age as them, and they were sexually interested in women their own age throughout their lives.

Homosexual men sensual massage happy end more likely old men with women the other groups to want a sexual partner younger than themselves.

While this study old men with women that not all older men would sleep with younger women if they could, it old men with women supports the theory that more men than women have a ken interest in younger partners. While a Finnish sample may not be indicative of the male psyche at large, this study does raise the question of why movies perpetuate the older man-younger woman relationship despite the fact that there are plenty of old men that are down to lonely wants nsa Saint Paul up with women their own age.

Classic film romances, for example, often feature a massive age gap: When IndieWire decided to crunch the age gaps in romantic movies nen between andhe found that, on average, male actors are 4.

This transfers to a problem with screen old men with women — a study found old men with women male actors get more lines as they age, while older female actors get. Studies demonstrate that women in their forties have a higher sex drive than women in their twenties, meaning that anyone lucky enough to hook up with them is bound to have a good time.

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