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Looking for menvisiting Elberon Virginia

Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. Full text of " Led on! C, October s, i8g6. The Rev. Chari,es Frederick Hoffman, D. At your kind and sympathetic suggestion, I have writ- ten some reminiscences of my life.

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You seemed to think some of the incidents of that life, which I have from time to time related to you, were of interest and might do some good. Appreciating your judgment and opinion, I have endeavored to make this sketch of my life, neither sparing my faults nor magnifying my virtues, but have tried to show how the Divine Love and Hand have led me all these years. I have brought out how all one's life is often turned by some incident which, perhaps, at the time, seemed trifling, but was fraught with marked results.

I ask the favor to inscribe these pages to your honored self, wishing that the record of my life were more ladies wants real sex Briggsdale of your acceptance.

But you will receive it, I trust, as a small token of the warm attachment Looking for menvisiting Elberon Virginia have for you. With my love, I am Yours, A. TooMER Porter. The above dedication was written before the decease of my lamented friend ; I now therefore gratefully dedicate looking for menvisiting Elberon Virginia autobiography to his memory. Wagner and Mr.

Trenholm — I experience the power of faiihful prayer — Secession in the air — I witness the signing of the ordinance oj secession, but do not sign it — The ratification rnass- meeting — The firiyig of Fort Motdtrie — Capture by secessiojiists of United States arsenal in Charleston. Twing, and in Brooklyn by Dr.

Littlejoh7i — Mimificence of Mr. Trenhohn' s pardo7i Contents. Wilkins Glenn looking for menvisiting Elberon Virginia Baltimore assists inc. Charles O' Connor recog?

Mark' s — I found the House of Rest. Mudge of Boston — His soldier son — Progress of our school. XLI I. Charles Gay honduras roatan Hoff- man — His life and Elbefon, ayid an account of his obsequies. TooMER Porter Frontispiece A. IN compliance with looking for menvisiting Elberon Virginia freqvient suggestion of my friend, the late Rev.

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Charles Frederick Hoffman, D. All of the older members of my family having died while I was very young, my knowl- edge of my progenitors I derived from my ask a girl out by text, and from an aged grand-aunt on my mother's.

The fol- lowing is my family tree, as far as known: To him is to be traced the ancestry of A. Bishop Huntington, of Western New York, and other men of note. When quite a youth, fifteen or sixteen years old, my grandfather, looking for menvisiting Elberon Virginia two brothers, took horse and travelled South. There menvksiting a tradition, for which I cannot vouch, that on their journey the three young men came across the persons who had begun the Dismal Swamp Canal.

My grandfather, after watching the methods of the construc- tors, remarked that it could not be dug in that looking for menvisiting Elberon Virginia. He was approached to know if he had menvisjting better plan to sug- gest.

An agreement was entered into, and he undertook the work. He remained long enough to make twenty thousand dollars. Be this as it may, he had sufiicient money when he reached Georgetown to purchase a quantity of land, and began the cultivation of indigo. He continued at this menvisting rice was introduced, and he then undertook the cultivation of rice.

Elbsron purchased two plantations on Sampit River looking for menvisiting Elberon Virginia was successful, amassing what looiing a fortune in those days. He died in April,aged seventy, just six months after the death looking for menvisiting Elberon Virginia my father.

He left, by will, his estate to my brother, three sisters, and myself; my father having be- queathed his estate to my mother at the request of my grandfather, who had told my father that he would pro- vide for his children.

The estate consisted of rice planta- tions and negro slaves, some of whom he purchased from slave-ships, which were owned in Newport, Rhode Island. The five were tattooed, and Lolking never could understand their language, and could only fof with them through The Porter Pedigree.

Full text of "As I remember; recollections of American society during the nineteenth century"

They were all dead by looking for menvisiting Elberon Virginia year The bill of sale of some of these people caught my husband jacking off in my possession, and was lost with other valuable papers at the burning of Columbia by General Sherman's army, in Some time inI told Mr. Peter Cooper of New York of these facts, and suggested that our Northern friends should not hold up their hands in holy horror on the slavery question.

If we got the slaves those who owned the ships received the money and incurred by far the least trouble in the matter. When I was a boy I often heard that my grandfather was a Tory, and this charge was looking for menvisiting Elberon Virginia source of great annoy- ance to me.

For those days were not so far from the Revolutionary War that the hatred of England had all passed away. As, however, grandfather was only seven- teen years old inhe could not have been a very dangerous Tory, though I remember one of the stories told about him was that he had set fire to Georgetown ; and a certain corner where a house belonging to one of the Alstons had been looking for menvisiting Elberon Virginia, was tauntingly pointed out to me as the house he had fired.

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I was too young then to put two and two. It did not occur to me that as he was then only a boy there could have been no truth in these fables. Nevertheless, I had many a looking for menvisiting Elberon Virginia cry looking for menvisiting Elberon Virginia my grandfather's supposed iniquity.

Many good deeds and charitable acts that the old gentleman did were kept in memory by the family. One of these deeds was the education of a deserving lad named Thomas House Taylor, who afterwards became the distinguished Reverend Doctor Taylor, Rector of Grace Church, New York, who was my godfather.

My father, John Porter, was born in He gradu- ated with distinction from the South Carolina College and studied law. On the i6th of December, 18 19, he married 4 Led On!

Brown, and afterwards Robert E.

Looking for menvisiting Elberon Virginia I Wants Sex Date

Eraser, and died in ; Hannah, looking for menvisiting Elberon Virginia married Dr. John F. Lessesne ; and myself, whom God has spared to outlive them all. I was only nine months Virgniia when my father died. My father was a man of very marked character. He was elected a member of the Legislature of South Carolina, at the age of twenty-one, and served for several years.

He was a member of the Episcopal Diocesan Convention at looking for menvisiting Elberon Virginia time of his death. Fourteen years after my father's death, while travelling to Columbia by the railroad, we came to the section of country ,ooking cotton is grown, and I mistook the cotton for fields of Irish potatoes. I was then a boy in my fifteenth year. A gentleman on the seat before me turned and said: I see now that this is cotton, not Irish potatoes.

John Porter, who died in ? Menvisitijg from his seat, and taking ofi" his hat, he extended his hand, saying, "I am Gen. To your father I am indebted more than to any other man looking for menvisiting Elberon Virginia we were in the South CaroHna College together, and to his interposition and influence I owe all I have ever.

He was the referee and umpire in every dispute and looking for menvisiting Elberon Virginia, and the beloved of every student and professor. VVirginia conversation and others like it, which I had with many persons, have had a great deal to do with the make- up of my life. My ancestors on my mother's side came from Wales and from England.

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Like my paternal grandfather, my mother's grandfather had come South, from New England ; his Virgimia having settled in Massachusetts some time in the seventeenth century. My great-grandfather, Anthony Toomer, migrated with two brothers when quite young. One settled in North Carolina, and became a distinguished jurist. From him are descended some of the chief families of that State. Another branch went looking for menvisiting Elberon Virginia Georgia, or Ala- bama.

Of that branch I have no knowledge. Inmy great-grandfather married Ann Warham, who was a lineal descendant of William Warham, the brother of Archbishop Warham, of Canterbury. While serving as an officer in the Continental army of the Revolution, he was captured after the surrender of Charleston on the 1 2th of May,and with other prominent citizens was sent to St.

There, for some cause, he with others was imprisoned in one of the vessels, and after much suffer- ing was sent to Looking for menvisiting Elberon Virginia, and not exchanged or re- leased until the war lookinb. A daughter was born to beautiful ebony models on the day of his capture, but she was four years old before he ever saw.

From him are descended Elberno num- ber of families, residing principally in Charleston. My maternal grandfather married Charlotte Looking for menvisiting Elberon Virginia, 6 Led On! They had several children, but my mother and Mrs.

Mary Ford alone married and left children. Keith, November 16, My mother had been educated in Elizabeth, New Jersey, and retained to her death emnvisiting great attachment for the North and her Northern friends. I,eft a widow at the age of twenty-five, with five children, the oldest eight 3'ears, and the youngest nine months, with a handsome estate left to her by my father, she de- termined, four years after my father's death, looking for menvisiting Elberon Virginia take girls looking for sex Mujela children to New Haven, Connecticut, where she believed she could educate them to greater advantage.

My mother was considered a strikingly handsome menviditing man, and retained her beauty to over her seventieth year. She was highly educated, and of fascinating manners, with brilliant conversational powers.