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Jan Erik Stiansen; on. Evgeny Shamray; ur.

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During the following months, harmonizing between the data from the two parties takes place by quality checks of the data and methods: Norwegian raw data are stored in the Norwegian Marine Data Center and can be openly accessed through this web page: Researchers can access the data in the same manner as the authors; i.

With regard to the trait data, these are published open access in MEPS The direct link to these data is https: When facing environmental change and intensified anthropogenic impact on marine ecosystems, extensive knowledge of how these systems are functioning is required in order to manage them properly. However, in high-latitude ecosystems, where climate change is expected to have substantial ecological impact, the ecosystem functions of biological species have received little attention, partly due to the limited biological knowledge of Arctic species.

Functional traits address hot single women Berestovskiy ecosystem functions of member species, hot single women Berestovskiy the functionality of communities to be characterised and the degree of functional redundancy to be assessed.

Ecosystems north Wantagh sex partner higher functional redundancy are expected to be less affected by species loss, and therefore less sensitive to disturbance. Hot single women Berestovskiy we highlight and compare typical functional characteristics of Arctic and boreal fish in the Barents Sea and address the consequences of a community-wide reorganization driven by climate warming on functional redundancy and characterization.

Based on trait and fish community composition data, we assessed functional redundancy of the Barents Sea fish community for the period —, a period during which this northern region was characterized by hot single women Berestovskiy warming water masses and declining sea ice coverage.

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hot single women Berestovskiy We identified six functional groups, with distinct spatial distributions, that collectively provide a functional characterization of Barents Sea fish. The functional groups displayed different prevalence sinfle boreal and Arctic water masses. Some functional groups displayed a spatial expansion towards the northeast during the study period, whereas other groups showed a general decline in functional redundancy.

Presently, the observed patterns of functional redundancy would seem to provide sufficient scope for buffering against local loss in functional diversity only for the more speciose functional groups. Furthermore, the observed hot single women Berestovskiy reconfiguration may affect future ecosystem functioning in the area.

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hot single women Berestovskiy In a period of rapid environmental change, monitoring programs integrating functional traits will help inform management on ecosystem functioning and vulnerability. Marine ecosystems presently undergo substantial compositional and structural alterations in response to environmental change, with associated implications for ecosystem functioning and vulnerability [ 1 ].

Although climate is predicted hot single women Berestovskiy change most rapidly at high-latitudes [ 2 ], where climate-induced ecological responses are already evident [ 34 ], Arctic marine ecosystems are generally understudied [ 5 ], and very little research has been directed towards ecosystem functioning and possible alterations.

Marine ecosystem functioning is influenced by species composition via the functional traits i. Functional traits allow the identification of the ecosystem functions of individual community members, the functional characterization of a community and the assessment of its functional diversity and redundancy i fuck my wifes best friend 67hot single women Berestovskiy ].

In ecosystems, functional diversity FD and functional redundancy FR are important components of community vulnerability [ 9 got. FD can be regarded as a measure of the number of properties that an assemblage of species possesses, therefore representing the number of ecosystem properties that the assemblage provides to the ecosystem.

FR informs about the number of species that play similar functional roles in a community [ 8 ]. In ecosystems, a mix of various functional types of species i.

Bereetovskiy the functional character and the diversity and redundancy of a community will therefore allow ecosystem functioning and vulnerability to be addressed. As such, FR informs about the vulnerability of the ecosystem. High FR implies that species loss might not necessarily induce any clear, immediate effects on ecosystem functioning, since similar species could compensate functionally [ hot single women Berestovskiy ].

Thus, FR is thought to influence buffering capacity, and therefore the ability of ecosystems to maintain their functionality when facing stress [ 1011 ]. In this paper, we provide a functional classification of the fish i am 19 years old & wanna have fun in the Barents Sea, a sub-Arctic shelf sea off the hot single women Berestovskiy coasts of Russia hot single women Berestovskiy Norway.

The Barents Sea Berestlvskiy both Womne and Atlantic water masses, inhabited by different fish species [ 12 ] characterized by different traits [ 1314 ].

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The area is ideal to investigate whole-community structure and community-wide shifts; it is well-studied, with hot single women Berestovskiy extensive database, and has strong, natural gradients in environmental characteristics.

Furthermore, recent climate warming has resulted in an increase of warm Atlantic water and a decrease of cold Arctic water, and a decline in sea ice coverage in the area [ 1516 ], and citations.

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In recent years, these environmental perturbations have caused structural reorganisation in the fish community and its trophic configuration hot single women Berestovskiy. Here, we analyse the spatial patterns in the redundancy of functional groups, and investigate the recent trends in FR hot single women Berestovskiy with documented poleward distributional shifts driven by rapid climate warming. Based on functional traits data, we allocate fish species to functional groups.

This information is then integrated with fish composition data, sampled annually from the entire Barents Sea during the period —, to assess the spatial distribution and redundancy of each jot group.

We use the following two hypotheses:. The fish communities in Hot single women Berestovskiy and Atlantic waters of the Barents Sea are dominated by different functional groups, and therefore different functional processes. Recent changes in fish yot structure driven by warming have implications for the FR in time and space. The area comprises both Atlantic and Arctic water masses, which mix at the Polar Front PF see dotted line in Fig 1 for approximate position.

From the south-west, warm Atlantic water masses wives want nsa La Russell into the Barents Sea, and the bottom temperatures here vary between 3. In Atlantic water masses the salinity is typically This inflow of Atlantic water determines, to a large degree, the climate gay honduras roatan the region [ 19 ].

In the western part of the Barents Sea, the PF is topographically steered and relatively stable; in the eastern Barents Sea, the constraints due to the bottom topography are weaker and the PF hot single women Berestovskiy broader and less well defined [ 19 ]. The position of the PF displays a strong inter-annual and a weaker seasonal variability [ 20 ]. Furthermore, recent evidence suggests that the PF divides into a northern and a southern branch in the eastern Barents Sea [ 20 ].

Although the PF is a prominent feature of the water masses in the Barents Sea, it therefore remains challenging to conduct explicit analyses of spatial ecological patterns in relation to the position of the PF.

The sea ice cover is at a maximum in early spring, generally covering the areas north of the PF, retreating northwards and eastwards from April until September [ 18 ]. In recent years warming of the Barents Sea water masses has occurred, mainly due to increased Atlantic water heat transport [ 1621 ].

This has resulted in an increase hot single women Berestovskiy the proportion of warm Atlantic water and a hot single women Berestovskiy in the proportion of artsy manhattan girls Arctic water in the Barents Sea [ 1516 ].

This heating is the main reason for the declining sea ice coverage in the northern parts of the Barents Sea [ 16 ], a pattern that is common for the Arctic Ocean in general [ 22 ]. A significant spatial variation in primary production has also been documented in the Barents Sea, average annual primary production being the highest g C m -2 yr -1 in the Atlantic water masses in the south-west, decreasing towards the north and northeast to 60 g C m -2 yr Consequently, the flux of organic matter is also highest in the south-west hot single women Berestovskiy lower in the north and northeast.

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Red arrows indicate Atlantic water currents, blue arrows indicate Arctic water currents, and dotted line indicates approximate position of the Polar Front. Data were used on fish species hot single women Berestovskiy presence-absence from the entire Barents Sea.

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More than fish species were regularly caught during these ecosystem surveys. The deletion of pelagic species was hot single women Berestovskiy out because the fish were sampled using demersal trawls and would therefore not fully represent the full range of somen species present.

Due to uncertainties regarding species identification, four taxa were hot single women Berestovskiy identified to genus level Ammodytes spp.

Careproctus spp. Our final data matrix hot single women Berestovskiy stations with presence-absence data for 60 fish taxa Table 1. In order to smooth out small-scale spatial variations in species composition, we aggregated the survey stations to larger grid cells. The number of grid cells per year varied between 24 and 28 as two of the grid cells were covered by land, whilst others were Berestivskiy outside the surveyed area in some or all of the years. In total grid cells were assessed.

Each species was given a biogeographic affiliation and classified as boreal, Arctic or arcto-boreal [ 2425 ]. The analyses were hot single women Berestovskiy on an updated version of a trait matrix provided by Wiedmann et al. The sexy girls Savannah consisted of 23 functional traits belonging to 8 trait categories Table 2.

The trait categories "feeding", "habitat", "offspring habitat", "offspring kokomo bi sexual dating site, "body shape", "fecundity" and "body size" were obtained from the literature [ 13 ]. The trait category "environmental tolerance range" was calculated based on absolute values of temperature, salinity and depth ranges measured during the ecosystem surveys, independently of the species' actual preferences with regard to these environmental conditions.

The environmental tolerance of fish species was coded as a categorical hot single women Berestovskiy with three levels "low tolerance range" "1""medium tolerance range" "2" and "high tolerance range "3". FR was computed as the number of species per functional group [ 8 ]. The functional traits fall into three types of measurement scales: To assess the proportion of functional groups present at the same time i.

R software [ hot single women Berestovskiy ] and the following R libraries: StatMatch, vegan, splancs, rgdal, fields, gstat, FD, raster, maptools were used.

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Species' trophic interactions likely have significant impact on ecosystem dynamics and functioning [ hot single women Berestovskiy ].

In order to assess the temporal scales at which individuals from each functional group operate, estimates free dating sites to fuck each species' longevity were compiled based on literature reviews [ 142433 ].

Additional hot single women Berestovskiy characteristics of the functional groups were assessed and compared by means of estimating maximum body length ML and environmental tolerance range of Berestovwkiy species, both obtained from the trait matrix.

In cases where species were aggregated to a higher taxonomic level e.

Discrete spatial and temporal explanatory variables, were defined using a canonical correspondence analysis CCA. The significant dingle to the explained inertia of hot single women Berestovskiy explanatory variable was tested using a permutation test with permutations R package vegan. The groups were assigned short names on the basis of typical group characteristics Fig 3.

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hot single women Berestovskiy For instance, become a bdsm slave of the members of the Long demersals group display an elongated or eel-like body shape, whereas the species of the Redfish group are all redfish belonging to the family Sebastidae. Although the groupings were based solely on the multivariate analysis of trait data, some groups consisted of phylogenetically closely related species e.

There were large spatial between cells differences across the Barents Sea in terms of functional group composition and smaller differences between the years. The functional groups varied in the number of species i. The Elasmobranch group consisted of five boreal and one Arctic species, whereas the Lumpsuckers consisted of one boreal and two Arctic species. The three remaining functional groups consisted solely of boreal species. Across all taxa, the average longevity was 19 years SD, 15 years.

The Elasmobranch group hot single women Berestovskiy significantly higher longevity than the Long demersals.

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hot single women Berestovskiy The Redfish had significantly higher longevity than all other groups. The Large demersals had significantly higher longevity than the Lumpsuckers, the Long demersals and the Semipelagics.

Across all taxa, the average TL was 3. The Elasmobranch group was significantly longer than the Lumpsuckers, the Long demersals and the Semipelagics, whereas the Large demersals were significantly longer than the Long demersals. FR in the Barents Sea varied between areas massage girl gives handjob functional groups. Some functional groups displayed persistent spatial patterns Fig 4 ; for instance, the Elasmobranchs, which primarily consisted of boreal species, were most redundant in the south-west, with decreasing redundancy towards the north-east.

The Lumpsuckers, which consisted of a mix of Arctic and boreal species, displayed scattered and hot single women Berestovskiy distributions in the central, northern and eastern Barents Sea.