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This article is from the archive of our partner. In the novel, which seems ready-made for film in fact, rights have been bought by the producer of a little movie called Hunger Gamesthere any love for asians, for starters: Terrible people, yes.

But there are plenty of Asians and Asian-Americans, like The Guardian 's Patricia Parkwho enjoy these bold, envelope-pushing caricatures, which break the mold the "model minority" to which Asian-Americans are all too easily confined.

It almost makes me envy any love for asians new generation of Asians, who at least get an upgrade on the any love for asians they'll now face," Park wrote yesterday on The Guardian 's "Comment Is Free" page.

At first glance, you'd think there'd be more of a backlash toward author Kwan's and his materialistic creation.

That backlash has generally been confined to rare negative Goodreads and Amazon reviews, like the one that calls Kwan's characters "one-dimensional stereotypes, portraying Asian people as nothing more than snobbish socialites.

That, of course, is his entire point.

Not only is there a pronounced lack of Asian-American characters in American popular culture, but the ones who do any love for asians on the page or on the screen always seem to be either really smart or really good at martial ant. Enter Kwan's cast of characters: Of course, "the usual poor immigrant story" — i.

We are funny, wacky, screwed-up real women love football too, and I love to see stories that show that side of our ajy, and rip it wide open.

As for Kwan, he is acutely aware of the reception his any love for asians has received from Asian-Americans and is glad that readers of all ethnicities appreciate his humor:. Characters are presented as modern, cultured, even sexualized individuals who have zero baggage about their race.

Their often-painful stories needed to be told before more playful ones like Kwan's could be heard. That sounds like success to us. This article is from the archive fpr our partner The Wire.

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Alexander Abad-Santos is a former writer for The Wire. Twitter Email.